Bilingual Speech Therapy Resources

Do you need speech therapy materials in both English and Spanish? It has been challenging to locate appropriate speech therapy materials in Spanish and English and so I have devoted myself to creating a library of resources for use with bilingual students with communication disorders. The Bilingual Speech Therapy Resources Membership is your one stop shop for SLPs.


Bilingual Speech Therapy Resources Membership

I've spent over 13 years as a bilingual SLP and I've loved everything about it, except for the total lack of materials in Spanish. I've had to solve this problem myself. I want to share everything I've made with you. 

Make Your Life Easier

In addition to access to a massive library of speech therapy materials in English and Spanish, each month there will be new materials loaded up. Everything is easy to find and after you have downloaded a resource, it's easy to keep track (just click "complete" and the system will note it).

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Do you have trouble finding speech therapy resources in Spanish? Do you end up using English materials, even though it's not exactly what your student need? Do you use the same old Spanish worksheets over and over?

English Grammar Workshop

English Grammar Workshop is a course designed for educators who want to feel confident with their knowledge about grammar and linguistics.

Too often I've been in a meeting where I felt stupid when I couldn't answer a question about the English language. I'm a speech pathologist and native English speaker - shouldn't it be easy for me? No, English is complex and because English has components from Germanic, Latin, French language traditions, it can feel like a hodge-podge of a language (it is!). This course will give you the knowledge and skills to talk about the English language with confidence.

Quick Start Teletherapy

Quick Start Teletherapy is a course tailor-made for speech-language pathologists thrown into teletherapy without preparation because of the global pandemic.

Spanish Grammar Workshop Online Course

Who better to learn Spanish pronunciation and language skills than a bilingual SLP who teaches communication?

If you have always wanted to learn Spanish, but never knew where to start, Spanish Grammar Workshop is for you. The course contains 14 modules with videos and PDF downloads!

Spanish Grammar Workshop is a course designed for speech-language pathologists with little to no knowledge of Spanish who want to learn how to speak Spanish.


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