English Grammar Workshop

English Grammar Workshop is a course designed for educators who want to feel confident with their knowledge about grammar and linguistics.


Feel Confident about English Grammar and Linguistics!

Too often I've been in a meeting where I felt stupid when I couldn't answer a question about the English language. I'm a speech pathologist and native English speaker - shouldn't it be easy for me? No, English is complex and because English has components from Germanic, Latin, French language traditions, it can feel like a hodge-podge of a language (it is!). This course will give you the knowledge and skills to talk about the English language with confidence. WATCH THE VIDEO TO SEE INSIDE THE COURSE AND ALL THE MODULES:


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English Grammar Workshop

Finally, you will be confident in English grammar and linguistics! 


1) TWO Separate Course Sections: English Grammar AND English Linguistics 
2) TWO GUIDE BOOKS: 38 page Grammar Guide and 23 page Linguistics Guide 
3) 29 Course Modules including 25 Videos Going through the Guide Books

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Here are the main parts of both the English Grammar PDF and the English Linguistics PDF. They are separated to make two halves of the course.

The course is divided into two sections: the grammar section and the linguistics section. The meat of the course is the PDFs that I created over several months. Each PDF has a formal references page detailing where I got all my information. 

GRAMMAR GUIDE – Table of Contents:

  • English is Weird (pg 3)
  • Course Introduction (pg 4)
  • Word Classes (pg 5):
    • Nouns (pg 6-7)
    • Pronouns (pg 8-10)
  • Verbs (pgs 11-12):
    • Verb Tenses (pgs 13-16)
    • Verbals (pg 17)
  • Adverbs (pgs 18-20)
  • Adjectives (pg 21):
    • Articles & Interjections
  • Prepositions (pg 22)
  • Conjunctions (pg 23)
  • Parts of Sentences (pgs 24 -25)
  • Types of Sentences (pg 25)
  • Sentence Forms (pg 26)
  • Dependent Clauses (pg 27)
  • Punctuation (pgs 28-33):
    • Apostrophes
    • Brackets
    • Colons
    • Commas
    • Dashes
    • Ellipses
    • Exclamation points
    • Hyphens
    • Parentheses
    • Periods
    • Question marks
    • Quotation marks
    • Semicolons
  • Agreement (pg 34-35):
    • Subject and Verb
  • African American English (pg 36-37)
  • References (pg 38)

And the English linguistics section of the course is the second part. It contains a 23 page guidebook and contains 10 videos. Here is the outline of the guidebook:


  • Table of Contents (Pg 2)
  • Linguistics (Pg 3)
  • Phonology (Pg 4-9):
    • Vowels, diphthongs, consonants & digraphs (Pg 4-5)
    • Phonotactics (Pg 6-7)
    • Phonics (Pg 7)
    • Phonemic awareness & phonological awareness (Pg 8)
    • Allophones (Pg 9)
  • Orthography (Pg 10 13):
    • History of English Spelling:
    • Old English (Pg 10)
    • Middle English (Pg 11)
    • Modern English (Pg 11-12)
    • The Great Vowel Shift (Pg 12-13)
  • Morphology (Pg 14 19):
    • Types of Morphemes (Pg 14-15)
    • Word Classification (Pg 15-18)
    • Making New Words (Pg 18-19)
  • Syntax (Pg 20 – 22)
  • References (Pg 23)


Even native English speakers struggle to understand the complexities of English grammar and linguistics. If you don’t feel confident, this course will help you feel self-assured about your abilities. If you were never taught about English grammar or linguistics, this course will teach you. Here are some of the objectives of the course:

  • Gain the knowledge to feel confident in English grammar and linguistics!
  • Understand complex English grammatical construction including verbals, adverbs, and conjunctions and more…
  • Learn what the parts and types of sentences are as well as how independent and dependent clauses work. 
  • Grasp phonology, morphology, and syntax once and for all!
  • Learn the history of English spelling and the Great Vowel Shift of the 1500’s to 1800’s that changed English pronunciation


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  • The course contains 29 Course Modules
  • 25 Videos and TWO PDF downloads: 38 page Grammar Guide and 23 page Linguistics Guide
  • 2 Main sections: Grammar and Linguistics, both basic and advanced.

Meet the Instructor

Sarah Wu is a (bilingual) speech-language pathologist in her 15th year. She started learning Spanish in 8th grade and didn't stop until she graduated with her bachelors degree in Spanish in 1999 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Later I earned my masters in speech-language pathology from Northwestern University in 2006. Sarah is currently earning a second masters in curriculum and instruction from National Louis University (exp. 2022).

I'm a grammar geek and a linguistics lover! Putting this course together is a passion for me. Become a grammar expert!


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