Spanish Grammar Workshop Online Course

Spanish Grammar Workshop is a course designed for speech-language pathologists with little to no background knowledge in the Spanish language who want to learn how to speak basic Spanish.


If you have always wanted to learn Spanish, but never knew where to start, Spanish Grammar Workshop is for you.

When I tell people I speak Spanish, many people say, "I wish I had kept up with my Spanish," or "I wish I could speak Spanish too," That's why I developed Spanish Grammar Workshop.


Get in today and you'll have instant access to the entire course.


Do you wish you could speak Spanish in your community?

That's why I developed Spanish Grammar Workshop. 

In North America 52.6 million people speak Spanish in the US, which is more than Colombia (48 million) and Spain (46 million) (estimates from 2015). Not to mention Mexico is our neighbor! Being able to speak some Spanish should be a requirement in life.

The course contains 14 modules with videos and PDF downloads:

The Fundamentals:
  • Start with a DEEP DIVE into the pronunciation of Spanish vowels including diphthongs and consonants and spelling differences between English and Spanish and then moving into the basics of Spanish (greetings, common expressions, questions, negative words, Spanish pronoun rules, Spanish verb conjugation, 30+ common Spanish verbs, time, months, weather, etc)
  • Get all the words and expressions you need to be successful in both health and school settings. Additionally covers personal information and family vocabulary.
  • Bonus: Grab a comprehensive dictionary of IEP terms in Spanish, supplemental scripts to leave a voicemail and speak during an IEP meeting in Spanish.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal person is someone who speaks either a little high school or college Spanish or has taken a couple years of a different foreign language (French, Italian, German). If you have studied some foreign language, you understand the basics of learning a second language. However, if you have never studied a foreign language and you are ready to learn with an open mind, you can do it!

The cost is a one-time $47 fee for lifetime access. 

If you speak fluent Spanish, you do not need this course.

No, this course does not give you the skills to start evaluating or treating in Spanish or making decisions with respect towards eligibility decisions for multilingual learners. This course is for personal enrichment only.

This course does not provide any certification, informal or official, to conduct bilingual speech therapy evaluations or therapy in Spanish or English. If you have questions or concerns regarding bilingual speech therapy evaluations, please refer to a bilingual speech language pathologist or use a qualified interpreter in your speech therapy evaluations. This online course is for people wanting to learn basic Spanish and provides vocabulary knowledge for an SLP's personal enrichment. 

The best way to learn Spanish is through immersion in a Spanish-speaking culture so that you can be exposed to the language AND the culture. There are many language and cultural differences between and within Spanish speaking countries, which means learning more than just the language.

Meet the Instructor

Sarah Wu is a bilingual speech-language pathologist starting her 15th year. She started learning Spanish in 8th grade and didn't stop until she graduated with her bachelors degree in Spanish in 1999 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Spanish was her first love before she even knew that speech therapy was a thing!

As someone who has learned Spanish as her second language, Sarah knows the challenges and potential potholes in the journey to become a competent Spanish speaker. Sarah has worked in several clinical settings including schools in urban, suburban and rural locations; an outpatient multi-disciplinary pediatric clinic; and briefly in early intervention. Her passion is working with bilingual children and families.

One Flat Fee, Lifetime Access

Upon enrollment to the course, you have instant access to the entire course.


Spanish Grammar Workshop Online Course

  • The course contains 14 modules
  • Videos and PDF downloads

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