Quick Start Teletherapy

Quick Start Teletherapy is a course tailor-made for speech-language pathologists looking for training all about teletherapy .

The change in service delivery can be daunting. Learning all about providing therapy virtually is important to give you the confidence to start providing teletherapy with ease.


Are you feeling overwhelmed by teletherapy? 

Do you feel like you are missing something? 

Are the online platforms confusing?

Quick Start Teletherapy will cover everything you need to get going now from internet therapy platforms, planning therapy, setting up your sessions, evaluation, conducting IEP meetings, and response to intervention. The course covers everything you need to doing o transition into teletherapy permanently. 

25+ Video Tutorials

Videos will step-by-step walk you though every aspect of teletherapy and as a course member you can request additional videos from me. You have lifetime access and the library of information will continue to grow.

30+ Page Teletherapy Guidebook

The guidebook is meant to accompany the course. Print it out and watch the videos for each part or print it out and read it at your leisure. Also download a resources list at the end of the course that share my favorite online resources for teletherapy.

Included With This Course


Teletherapy Training Guidebook

I just completed a brand-new ebook that will walk you setting up teletherapy services so you can start teletherapy tomorrow. Each section of the guidebook is accompanied by a pre-recorded video with information regarding teletherapy.


Small Library of No Print Activities

Gain access to a concise library of no-print activities I've created over the years to use with your students.


Lifetime Access to The Course and Any Future Updates

I will continue to update the course through the pandemic as I answer your questions and I learn more about what you need.


25 Videos On-Demand

The videos walk you through everything. Take your time with the videos or watch everything at once. At the end, feel free to request any video to answer any remaining questions you might have.

Learn From Me

Hi, I'm Sarah Wu and I'm finishing up my fourth year as a speech teletherapist (which is actually my 14th year as a school-based SLP).

After 10 years working in-person in the schools, I quit to work primarily as a school-based teletherapist. In 2016 when I started working online, I was provided with some training from my contract company as well as access to other teletherapists and a clinical manager available to answer my questions.

Unfortunately, due to the rapid nature of school shutdowns, self-isolation and quarantine this spring, you have not had the benefit of training or support. I have been getting so many messages and questions and I've been trying to answer everyone's questions, but it's hard for me to help individuals with my own work schedule.

However, I still want to be that person for you, which is why I have developed this course so that I can help a large group of SLPs.

Answers To Your Questions

Now is the time

It's becoming increasingly clear that learning how to serve students or clients over the computer is going to be a part of our reality for the near term, at minimum. Knowing what to do online to reach and connect with students so that they can get vital speech therapy services makes you more valuable to your employer.
You've had to become a teletherapist overnight. Now get the training you need to feel more confident in your next online speech therapy session.